There are days that I wonder where my life is taking me. It’s already August, but I’m still sending out cover letters and resumes, hoping someone will have an open position, like what they read in my application/cover letter/resume, call me for an interview, like what see and hear, and then offer me a job.

I’ve been meeting new people catching up with a few friends, trying to fit into American life, finding new places to eat, enjoying everything that Holy Cross offers my soul, taking advantage of Borders and their nice comfy chairs that are meant to curl up with a cup of chai and a book. LG. Life’s Good.


“I Come With Joy”

Café Catholica

Cafe Catholica is a weekly hangout in Houston where young adults come together to have Mass, eat dinner, listen to a guest speaker talk about topics related to being Catholic, socialize, etc. Tonight was the last one of 2010, so I figured that I should go and tonight’s topic was about evangelism. The following are my notes because he was very interesting and made some points that were fascinating and thought provoking and some where down right hilarious.

The hard part. Holiness brings out the best in you. It makes you the best you can be. Makes you unique. All we have to offer others is our weaknesses. Look at the Saints. St. Francis for example. Everyone’s sinned. If you haven’t, then your name is either Jesus or Mary. (it must have been hard to be Joseph…there’s three of us in this family…holy…holy…oh man.)

The scary part. The universal call to be an evangelist. If you call yourself Catholic, you have to evangelize. What do you think about, when you hear the word “evangelism”? There are ordinary (take the open doors to talk to people) and extraordinary (going door to door, preach on the corner, etc.) ways to evangelize.

‘I was saved 2,000 years ago when Jesus was crucified. I am being saved today as St. Paul said through trials and tribulations. I will be saved when Jesus comes again or when I died.’

Faith is not something to beat people over the head with, it’s not to simply win. It’s to meet people where they are and lift them up. You don’t tear down someone to teach them, you bandage and help them.

Apologetics is a reason debate of the Faith. It can’t bring someone to the trouble; it’s to break down roadblocks.

Who should we evangelize to? Everyone. Even, especially our families. Be willing to talk, to go beyond ourselves. Each one of us has received the call. We have been confirmed…it’s not just that we’re Catholic adults…we are to evangelize. How much do you have to hate a person to not tell them that there’s a hell and they’re on the path to hell: Penn & Teller. Success is not in making converts but in faithfulness. Perfection is not the requirement, your identity as sons and daughters is though. Use your gift, your way to evangelize, to love.

The last one. Our unspoken fears. You are not alone, you have a billion people who have your back.


“The Food”

I like looking for recipes on-line and finding new ideas to cook up. I haven’t made these recipes (yet) but they look so good that I wanted to share them (and keep the links safe). Enjoy!

Make Girl Scout cookies in your own kitchen to combat the cravings. Especially homemade Tag-a-longs!!! Which I do say is one of my favorites in the world of sweets. ^^

Sloppy Chicken Joes in your slow cooker.

My favorite American Chinese dish: General Tso’s Chicken.

A 100 recipes for one of my favorite vegetables: eggplants/aubergines. Check out the Eggplant Rollatini recipe, it looks delicious.

And then there was this interesting article on Kosher cooking. Being that I’m Catholic, there really aren’t too many restrictions, more like suggestions really. So it was fascinating to hear about to basically food historians going around the world trying to find ways to maintain a wide variety of cuisine for the Jewish people.

“La La Song”

Here are some random links that were of interest to me:

Obama’s Gambit to Get Re-Elected.

A ridiculously expensive new hotel in Morocco that makes me sad to see all the artisan work because there’s no way that the artisans actually were fairly compensated for their work/art.

Reasons 5,941-5,955 why you should grill more often.

Mother Nature Network’s Top 10 Organic Fast Food Restaurant.

“Little Shop of Horrors”

Over the last couple of weeks, the biggest celebrity in Houston has been Lois, a Amorphophallus titanum, more commonly known as a Corpse Flower. Corpse Flowers are known its smell, which is similar to pheromones that attract carrion beetles. Lois bloomed in the early morning hours last Friday (2010.07.23), about a week later than she was originally estimated to, but thanks to the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences‘ 24-hour Lois cam and keeping their doors open 24-7 until she wilted helped give everyone the chance to smell Lois.

My friend Lisa, from Peace Corps, is definitely my friend, who knows exactly how nerdy I am, she wrote me an e-mail when she returned from her vacation, asking if I had “seen” Lois yet, since she knew that this would be on my to-do list. On Sunday morning, we went to HMNS to see Lois, there was a bit of a line for 8:15, but the line moved pretty fast, so we didn’t have to wait too long to smell her. She wasn’t disappointing, but compared to the photos of other Corpse Flowers that I had seen on-line, she was a bit small (I say this even though she was taller than me at 5 ft. and some inches), not as open as up either. Her color was a deep eggplant color, really gorgeous. The smell that I was a mix of anticipating and intimidated by, was not as strong or as pungent as I had expected. Sadly, Lois collapsed later Sunday afternoon. Overall, it was fun and apparently there’s another Corpse Flower in HMNS’s greenhouse and Lois will bloom again.

Lois on Sunday morning


One thing that I think that men, no matter how much they try will never truly understand is the trauma of getting their hair cut. Mostly because 1) men don’t tend to grow their hair as long as women do and 2) there generally isn’t too much change in men’s hair styles.

I generally get my hair cut about once a year…or more because I just can’t be arsed to pay for trims and to sit around for a trim to be done. Which of course means by the time that I give in and cut my hair, it’s really log and the ends are pretty bad. Which adds to the bits of hair anxiety as I wait in the chair as the hair stylist (?) gets everything just so, so they can cut my hair. I don’t ask generally too much when I get my hair cut, even in the back, not look like a three-year-old with a bushwhacker cut my hair, really not too much in my opinion…

However it seems like every time I get my hair cut, I’m always almost or definitely in tears. The worst was when I was in Morocco, a Korean women from my parish offered to cut my hair and I figured that since Korean women in generally are pretty stylish, etc. And she was a beautician back in Korea everything would be wonderful. My hair was down to the small of my back, I had wanted my hair to be about shoulder length to help combat the summer heat. The first cut left my hair jagged, uneven, but shoulder length. When I mentioned that my hair was uneven, she looked and finally noticed that my shoulders are uneven, so she cut more off to correct it. My hear was now just below my ears and crooked the other way (my jaw is crooked the opposite way of my shoulders). So after the third and thankfully final cut my hair was about an inch long and I looked like a boy. I cried for a while. Yes my hair would eventually grow out and I would eventually not look like a boy but the shock and how bad it was to look in the mirror and see myself with very little hair was hard to take in.

This time was a bit different after the amount I was going to donate to Locks of Love was cut off, I was persuaded to get a long bob. Apparently bobs look good on people with oval faces. The back was supposed to be just above shoulder length and the front longer. The woman who originally was cutting my hair was told in English (by me) and in Spanish (by her co-worker) what I wanted. Just barely shoulder-length in the back, layered, longer in the front. So she’s cutting and cutting, adding another two inches or so to the floor, I thinking that she’s almost done when she stops and asks me do I want layers or do I just want it to be simply straight across? I look in the mirror and have a panic attack. The other woman looks at my hair and my face, shops the other woman away and tells me that she’ll fix it. Which happily she did, minor crisis avoided, yeay!

“Photographs and Memories”

NOTE: I had some another place that I blog and I decided to delete it, but I wanted to keep the memories. So I’m combining everything on to this blog.

It’s been a long time coming…I think
Monday, March 16, 2009

I get a bit confused about what I wrote on my myspace blog and what I put in a facebook note. So here is a sample of the last 6 months of my life. In the past couple of months, I have:

  • Traveled around the middle of Italy, the seaport of Croatia, and to Medjurgorje.
  • Survived working with Stella and at SEV.
  • Had my heart bruised and somewhat hurt.
  • Been frustrated with the way that the world works.
  • Spent Christmas in Texas for the first time in countless number of years.
  • Spent New Year’s Eve with friends.
  • Tried to OD on rock shows, Tex-Mex, and boba before returning to Korea.
  • Sold a lot of books and still had a small library.
  • Had a meltdown in Japan – I think it’s because I’m Korean.
  • Ran into a fellow RPCV from stage in Peace Corps Morocco while in the Incheon airport.
  • Remembered why I dislike all American airlines, except for Southwest.
  • Spent time with friends I haven’t seen in like 3 years.
  • Sold my car.
  • Caught on most of the American television that I’ve missed in the last 5 years.
  • Tried to send everyone that I could think of a Christmas card (in Korean, of course).
  • Lost about 40 pounds in weight limits on international flights between Korea and the States.
  • Started to do daily Rosaries, honestly.
  • Reread a good portion of my books in my personal library.
  • GUILTY SECRET: Read the Twilight books and they’re worse than adult romance books.
  • Forgot to get a t-shirt from Connie and David.
  • Got called “Aunt Carrot” by one of my nephews, even though “Eun Sook emo” and “Karen” are easy to say, but not “Aunt Karen.”
  • Embarrassed myself while attempting to get over #3.
  • Moved back to Korea.
  • Now teaching at an public elementary school in Song-pa.
  • Moved in to a new apartment.
  • Moved all my stuff that I had stored around Seoul into my new apartment.
  • Started laughing more.
  • Was told that I was a terrible dresser and I need to go on reality tv to learn how to dress, wear makeup, and get my hair done properly.
  • Decided to go to Russia for vacation this year.
  • Tried to let go, especially of past hurts.
  • Was told that I wasn’t Christian.
  • Voted for McCain and got Obama instead.
  • Thought about getting a “What the FOCA” t-shirt but it was too expensive and I only had 100 pounds free on my ticket.
  • Probably needs to go through ESL classes again.
  • Still haven’t seen Breaking Benjamins live.