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“In the Summertime”

So a recap of what I’ve been up to this summer, other than doing my professional development trainings, cooking, cleaning and organizing my apartment, hanging out with friends, watching Marvel superhero movies, BSG marathons, catching up on my American television and getting excited about the upcoming season of SOA:

hanging out at Miller, and actually going to Astros’ games, although not actually cheering for the hometeam:

C.J. Wilson's first MLB hit, a triple...lets see the antlers and claws

C.J. Wilson's first MLB hit, a triple...lets see the antlers and claws



There are days that I wonder where my life is taking me. It’s already August, but I’m still sending out cover letters and resumes, hoping someone will have an open position, like what they read in my application/cover letter/resume, call me for an interview, like what see and hear, and then offer me a job.

I’ve been meeting new people catching up with a few friends, trying to fit into American life, finding new places to eat, enjoying everything that Holy Cross offers my soul, taking advantage of Borders and their nice comfy chairs that are meant to curl up with a cup of chai and a book. LG. Life’s Good.

“Photographs and Memories”

NOTE: I had some another place that I blog and I decided to delete it, but I wanted to keep the memories. So I’m combining everything on to this blog.

It’s been a long time coming…I think
Monday, March 16, 2009

I get a bit confused about what I wrote on my myspace blog and what I put in a facebook note. So here is a sample of the last 6 months of my life. In the past couple of months, I have:

  • Traveled around the middle of Italy, the seaport of Croatia, and to Medjurgorje.
  • Survived working with Stella and at SEV.
  • Had my heart bruised and somewhat hurt.
  • Been frustrated with the way that the world works.
  • Spent Christmas in Texas for the first time in countless number of years.
  • Spent New Year’s Eve with friends.
  • Tried to OD on rock shows, Tex-Mex, and boba before returning to Korea.
  • Sold a lot of books and still had a small library.
  • Had a meltdown in Japan – I think it’s because I’m Korean.
  • Ran into a fellow RPCV from stage in Peace Corps Morocco while in the Incheon airport.
  • Remembered why I dislike all American airlines, except for Southwest.
  • Spent time with friends I haven’t seen in like 3 years.
  • Sold my car.
  • Caught on most of the American television that I’ve missed in the last 5 years.
  • Tried to send everyone that I could think of a Christmas card (in Korean, of course).
  • Lost about 40 pounds in weight limits on international flights between Korea and the States.
  • Started to do daily Rosaries, honestly.
  • Reread a good portion of my books in my personal library.
  • GUILTY SECRET: Read the Twilight books and they’re worse than adult romance books.
  • Forgot to get a t-shirt from Connie and David.
  • Got called “Aunt Carrot” by one of my nephews, even though “Eun Sook emo” and “Karen” are easy to say, but not “Aunt Karen.”
  • Embarrassed myself while attempting to get over #3.
  • Moved back to Korea.
  • Now teaching at an public elementary school in Song-pa.
  • Moved in to a new apartment.
  • Moved all my stuff that I had stored around Seoul into my new apartment.
  • Started laughing more.
  • Was told that I was a terrible dresser and I need to go on reality tv to learn how to dress, wear makeup, and get my hair done properly.
  • Decided to go to Russia for vacation this year.
  • Tried to let go, especially of past hurts.
  • Was told that I wasn’t Christian.
  • Voted for McCain and got Obama instead.
  • Thought about getting a “What the FOCA” t-shirt but it was too expensive and I only had 100 pounds free on my ticket.
  • Probably needs to go through ESL classes again.
  • Still haven’t seen Breaking Benjamins live.

“Deep In the Heart of Texas”

NOTE: I had some another place that I blog and I decided to delete it, but I wanted to keep the memories. So I’m combining everything on to this blog.

My Texas Vacation
Thursday, February 26, 2009

So since some people will be curious/interested in my vacation here are the highlights of things that I experienced, saw, enjoyed, really disliked about being back in Texas the last two months. Enjoy or don’t enjoy, it’s up to you.

  • I loved the wide variety of food. And yes I had Tex-Mex alot.
  • Yes, you can be a tourist in your own city and with your friends. Especially if they lead busy lives.
  • And it can be extremely frustrating to try and keep the barage of information on the changes straight that everyone has experienced. I may ask for a bunch of powerpoint presentations next time.
  • But it was still great to catch with everything that was/is going on in their lives.
  • I didn’t visit as many museums as I thought that I would have.
  • I enjoyed baking more than I have ever before, mostly likely because it’ll be a while before I get the chance to bake again.
  • Going to rock shows with Zharleen was great because we pretty much have the same taste in rock and anytime she says that the band is good, I know to believe her.
  • It’s frustrating when people try to talk me into doing things because I’m not the same person that they knew before.
  • On one hand it was nice not to drive but it’s annoying to have to look for rides places. At least my friends like to go to Mass and out to eat.
  • I forgot how much I liked Chickfila.
  • Tex-Mex and southern style barbeque never tasted so good in my life.
  • Yes, I still had Korean food, while I was here. How Korean, am I?
  • I spent many hours reading through my library and it was extremely enjoyable.
  • Somehow I’m leaving without a shirt from Connie and David.
  • Somehow I didn’t meet Popple and I’m really not sure how that exactly happened.
  • America is no longer expensive to me.
  • It was interesting how many people that I met that had lived or worked in countries that I have lived or visited and how much I could remember of that language.
  • Mass at Holy Rosary is what Mass should be like.
  • I’m in America and I still can find Wonder Girls and their dance moves.
  • Christmas in America is like nothing else in the world.
  • I didn’t take as many pictures as I thought that I would have.
  • What was the channel that I was supposed to be able to watch NHL games, I looked hard and I still couldn’t find it. That made me sad. I was only able to watch the Winter Classic. That made me sadder.
  • In some ways American television (actual shows, not reality junk) has gotten better (actors, writing, direction), but they’re all procedural shows, except for BSG, The Office, Firday Night Lights, and the stuff on CW.
  • I saw only two movies while I was here and I don’t think that any of them were up for awards this year.
  • I really don’t like the abundance of celebrity dirt/news/reality shows.
  • Galveston makes me sad to see everything that’s still affected by Ike.
  • For some reason, I watched a lot of trailers for upcoming movies, I really want to see GI Joe, Transformers 2, Race to Witch Mountain, the Soloist, Fast and the Furious, Gigantic, X-Men Wolverince Origins, Terminator Salvation, My Sister’s Keeper, Harry Potter 6, Game, Fame, Brothers At War, Duplicity
  • It is a bit boring to be the only one not working or studying especially if you don’t have a car.
  • I miss not being an “exotic”.
  • In addition to Eun Sook, Karen, Karina, Katya, Karrie, I will also now answer to Aunt Carrot.

“The Island”

Thoughts From a Small Peninsula…

Friday, September 19, 2008

So as my vacation comes to an end I decided to write some things that you may find interesting (and in no particular order):

  • Lonely Planet lies alot about distances and what they say “light” hiking actually is.
  • Many “hotels” in Busan are really love motels, so be prepared to check in after 6pm or pay more money to check in at a reasonable time.
  • I really miss the beach.
  • Take an umbrella when you go to the underground lava tubes.
  • There are times when I wish a had a traveling translator. Or at least the English translation at the bottom of the screen when someone from Jejudo speaks to me.
  • Meryl Streep is not convincing at all as a “reformed” hippy chick.
  • Masan is bigger than I expected and with its own Benz dealership.
  • It’s really not normal to have tornados and hurricanes every year.
  • The dak paper doll museum in Jejudo is a waste of money. $6 for 10 minutes if you stretch it out. And for an extra $10 you can make a doll but you can’t take it with you…it’s property of the museum. And no I just argued that if I make the doll I should get to take it home. The woman said no so I left without making one. :o(
  • Use the Jeju airport as a transportation hub, it’s cheaper and faster.
  • There really isn’t a Cinnabon in Jungmun. No matter what the signs say.
  • I really hate getting into brand new book series because it’s at least a year until the next book comes out in hardback and at least another six months before it’s in paperback and I can buy it
  • It was harder than I thought it would be to find postcards of Busan and Jeju.
  • Yes I’m a Korean girl … the Teddy Bear Museum was fun, but I wouldn’t spend $10,000 on a teddy bear.
  • You should bring more than one plug converter or else your camera batteries may die on you. And of course at the worst times possible.
  • If I could take a bed from the Tapdong Motel I would…they’re really big, soft, and comfortable unlike my bed at SEV
  • There’s a lot of older Korean people on the honeymoon island than I expected.
  • I still hate mesquitos and spiders.
  • The yellow and black scary spider (if you lived in Korea you know which one I’m talking about) makes extremely strong webs, I walked into one and it didn’t break.
  • Be careful on the the steps in Jejudo, who ever made them didn’t make them even. Some are 2 inches tall, some are five inches tall, some are 4 inches tall and the heights are all random.
  • Korean music videos are very very similar to old American and British music videos.
  • I miss my apartment.
  • Of course the greenhouse for cacti is the hottest one in botanical garden.
  • You can cram a lot of high schoolers on an old bus.
  • Some sand turns black when it gets wet.
  • I was always on a bus when the sun went down and so I missed every single sunset in Jejudo – how is that possible?
  • I met the Jejudo Tangerine. He was at the airport trying to get people to eat Jejudo tangerines
  • Eventually I’ll put up all my pictures but first I need to get some developed.
  • I felt like Alice in Wonderland when I walked through the kimnyeong maze, but obviously I made it out okay.
  • Old Korean women can say the oddest things, especially about other people’s bodies.
  • It’s funny to see the looks on people’s faces when they think I don’t speak English or Korean and I comment on what they just said.
  • I still haven’t found Pochocco socks.
  • The waterfalls in Jejudo are worth the long walks and bad stair cases.
  • French style gardens apparently have gazebos and Italian-styled gardens in them.
  • I saw a jack fruit that was bigger and weighed alot more than me. Seriously.
  • How many things can you charge entrance fees for? And then charge other fees for?

And I think that’s the majority of random thoughts from this vacation.

“Game On”

The World Cup so far has been full of some bad officiating (the two disallowed American goals), some really terrible calls (Kaka getting a red card), beautiful sights, sobering memories, overwhelming sounds, disappointing play, inspirational stories, giant killers…all in all not a bad World Cup. One of the best moments, even though he calls it bad radio, was listening to Tony Kornheiser try to have his radio show while watching the US-Algeria game, sorry the US-Algonquian Nation, it was a perfect example of someone who’s not really a fan of soccer/football but still getting caught up in the moment.

I headed into the round of 16 with three countries to cheer for: Korea (obviously because that’s where I’m from), the US (the country that I live in) and Slovakia (I lived there for a year) and after Saturday, I was left with only Slovakia. And my back-up teams didn’t do so well either, Italy was eliminated in the group stage, as was Nigeria, North Korea didn’t have a chance of getting out of the group stage, and Mexico was eliminated on Sunday by Argentina. Ireland wasn’t here thanks to France’s handball (which I appreciated the irony of Henry complaining about a handball against his side), neither was Morocco, Russia, or Hungary. So Slovakia has to make it through or else I don’t know who I’m going to cheer for.

I borrowed this from a friend of mine of Facebook, yes, it’s about the team I want to lose, but it’s a great commercial for Nike:

an older Nike one:

an older Adidas one from the 2006 World Cup (apparently voted the best 2006 WC commercial):

a nod to Star Wars:

and Adidas’s 2010 World Cup intro ad:

I think the US did a good job for not being a true soccer/football nation, but at the same time it was disappointing, because this was the best national team that we’ve ever had and it was the round of 16 and out. The defensive hang-ups did us in really, constantly having to dig yourself into a hole is wearying and eventually you’ll run out of energy and magic. I don’t know if I necessarily agree that to get the US to be better, USA Soccer needs to start recruiting from the ghettos and other low income areas of the States and I also don’t believe that every European that plays football comes from a poor background as Klineman was trying to say on ESPN Saturday. Regardless, as I’m (re)filling out online application forms, I’ll be watching the games and enjoying every second of it.

“Wavin’ Flag”

World Cup is almost done with the group play part of the Finals, well, the first day of the last group play action started right now as I’m typing and trying to be patient for all of my paperwork to finally come through so that I can apply for jobs. So I start my mornings off with at least one World Cup match and job application forms…fun stuff.

My impressions so far:

  • Way to many cards, it seems like every other minute the referee is blowing his whistle and someone’s getting a card. Earlier on, I was definitely sure that by the end of group play, every single player would have been carded at least once.
  • Get out of the way for the French implosion, as well as the English implosion.
  • Would anyone really have been shocked if the four North Korean footballers really disappeared?
  • Shocker: Censorship and North Korea!
  • North Korea kinda kept up with Brazil, even scored on them. I was kinda proud of them, because regardless of politics, they’re Korean too and then I felt guilty because of politics.
  • South Korea looked awesome against Greece and then looked terrible against Argentina. Not the greatest coaching putting Park Ji Sung in the center when Argentina’s really, really, really good down the middle.
  • If the Americans could play good for more than one half, that would be great, this Cardiac Kids thing is getting old.
  • Why is Mexico rotating between captains? It’s confusing.
  • I was so excited to hear that Slovakia was in the Finals, but a tie with New Zealand and a loss to Paraguay wasn’t really what I was expecting.
  • Daniele De Rossi needs to shave, this is the World Cup, not the Stanley Cup.
  • Uruguay has been impressive, I kinda slept on them I have to admit.

One of the most interesting stories from the World Cup for me has been Chong Tese, the unconventionally loud forward for North Korea. He was born in Japan in the Korean expat community, which leads more towards communism than their South Korean roots. (Basically think of the Korean expat community in Japan like the Cuban expat community in Florida…most of the money going into North Korea comes from this group.) He decided as a teen that the North Korean way was the best way, renounced his South Korean ties and worked to get North Korean citizenship. In the first game against Brazil, he cried during the playing of the North Korean national anthem.

The goal. The US got robbed. We should have won that game against Slovenia, Edu scored and if there was a whistle to be blown, it should have been against Slovenia for holding, which would have been a penalty kick for the States. Wrong. So wrong. But I don’t think that too many Americans are mad and FIFA would never overrule a ref.

“Goalie Protection Program” is something that will be needed after this World Cup, with all the goalie miscues and how seriously some countries take soccer/football, there’s plenty of goalies that will need to relocate, quite possibly for safety reasons. And of course the safest, live-able place on Earth for them, will be the States and possibly Canada…go figure.