Who am I? That’s a difficult question…

I am a Catholic, Korean, Southern (Texas), conservative girl who loves food (the ‘F’) and books (the ‘B’) and spends a good percent of her paycheck on both. I’m a study in contradictions, as I’m sure you’ll figure out if you read my blog regularly. I was born in Song-tan, a poor, small, garlic-growing village in Kyuggi-do (the province that surrounds Seoul) in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) but I was brought up in the States, mostly the South and mostly in Texas. There are things that I’m very Korean about and there are things that I’m very American about. Sometimes O feel like I’m F.O.B. and sometimes I’m anything but. I hate being called a waygukin because I’m Korean, too, so I’m definitely a kyopo.

I also really love music, I’m completely tone death and that doesn’t matter one bit to me. But I couldn’t figure out how to add music to what I think is a clever title. Oh well…that’s my life…


2 responses to “About

  1. Hi Kar! so nice to see all the exciting things you’ve been up to. much love + a Peace Corps shout out. heather

  2. Hi there,

    I started reading your blog, I just started, and so far looks good. It’s funny, well not funny literally, but interesting in that how Korean Americans and as well as other Asians living outside of their homeland all feel the same about self idenity issues. I really wished that from the very early on that I would have explored this topic further and deeper, so that life could be more clearer . I’ll check your blog from time to time, nice to meet you.

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