It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. By the time I’m home from teaching, I’m tired and I don’t particularly want to type any more or look at my computer, just food, a little news, a little TV, shower, some light reading and then straight to sleep. Since then some interesting articles:

One of the first court cases that helped pave the way for equality in America: which took place in Houston.

A commentary on Dez Bryant’s spending spree.

The Houston Ballet has a special event called the Nutcracker Market…call me interested. ^^

Another event, because let’s be honest Houston has great falls, perfect for walking and enjoying the evening.

The past couple of weeks I’ve been glued to my TV because this is finally the year that my childhood baseball team, the Texas Rangers, have a chance at winning the World Series. I cheered for the ‘stros, but the Rangers have always have a special place in my heart and to see them, especially with the personal back stories of the players and members of management, you have to root for them. Last night, the Rangers have finally made it for the first time in franchise history to the World Series by beating the team with best record and the defending world champs (and getting Alex Rodriguez as the last out was a bit of poetic justice – it was even better than plunking him hard for sabotaging the Rangers when he played for us so he could get more homers)!! One thing that I really liked to is that the team acknowledges one of their teammate’s struggles with alcohol and drugs, that they have been having ginger ale celebrations so that he can participate. The last two fan comments are the best in response to the Yankees’ plans to get Cliff Lee and a parody on the MasterCard commercials.


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