“What a Wonderful World”

The last couple of days have been a whirlwind of activity. I’ve been job-hunting since I’ve moved back to the States, but I’ve been full-on job searching since the end of June, when I finished Region 4’s ACP. I’ve gone through all of the jobless, unemployed emotions…sad, angry, depressed, frustrated, unhappy, etc.

I was doing my weekly search through, to be honest preferred, targeted school districts and I noticed that a school I had applied to earlier still had a vacancy. Which could mean, it was filled and no one bothered to update the page or quite possibly it wasn’t filled. So I called the school and to my happiness, the school secretary answered instead of the answering service, she told me that the position was still open, asked if I had already sent in my resume, I said she had, and she checked to make sure. While I had her on the phone I figured, what the heck, I should ask her if I have a chance, a serious chance, at being considered, since right now it’s an employers’ market and many principals are refusing to look at anyone who isn’t completely state certified. She looked at my resume and said that the principal would be very interested in looking at my resume. I thanked her and really thought nothing of it. Literally two hours later, she called me and asked if I was interested in coming in the next morning for an interview. I asked what time and said I’d see her at 9.

The next day, I had my interview with both the principal and the vice principal, and it went well, I mean it wasn’t too long before the principal was saying your classroom, your students, your partner-teacher, it’s like you’re reading my mind. At the end of the interview, she said that she had several more candidates to interview, and I would hear by the end of the week. I had a good feeling as I was walking out, but as much as I wanted it, I wasn’t confident to say that I had it. After lunch, I got the call, officially offering me the position, which of course I immediately said, ‘Yes!’

Then there was an HR snaffu that pretty much had me in tears. I received two e-mails rejecting me from two positions in the district, one was for an admin position that I hadn’t applied for and the other was a vaguely titled, teacher position. Thankfully it was resolved and the next morning I was in the admin building for new teacher orientation at 8:30am (somewhat late, having gotten the call at 7:30ish). Then I was weighed down with papers, packets, and forms, which is making a mess on my floor at the moment.

Today after the new teacher orientation, the new teachers, their mentors, and the principals had a nice lunch at Texas Instruments’ facilities as a community gift of sorts by the calculator king, where all the principals introduced their new staff and the mentors. I signed my contract in the afternoon and had my photo taken for my official faculty ID.  And spent some time arranged my classroom to be ready for the meet the teacher night on Thursday and then the new school year in a week and a half.

Oh yeah and I’m apartment hunting as we speak… I’m just enjoying my amazing fortune. ^^


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  1. yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!

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