“The Island”

Thoughts From a Small Peninsula…

Friday, September 19, 2008

So as my vacation comes to an end I decided to write some things that you may find interesting (and in no particular order):

  • Lonely Planet lies alot about distances and what they say “light” hiking actually is.
  • Many “hotels” in Busan are really love motels, so be prepared to check in after 6pm or pay more money to check in at a reasonable time.
  • I really miss the beach.
  • Take an umbrella when you go to the underground lava tubes.
  • There are times when I wish a had a traveling translator. Or at least the English translation at the bottom of the screen when someone from Jejudo speaks to me.
  • Meryl Streep is not convincing at all as a “reformed” hippy chick.
  • Masan is bigger than I expected and with its own Benz dealership.
  • It’s really not normal to have tornados and hurricanes every year.
  • The dak paper doll museum in Jejudo is a waste of money. $6 for 10 minutes if you stretch it out. And for an extra $10 you can make a doll but you can’t take it with you…it’s property of the museum. And no I just argued that if I make the doll I should get to take it home. The woman said no so I left without making one. :o(
  • Use the Jeju airport as a transportation hub, it’s cheaper and faster.
  • There really isn’t a Cinnabon in Jungmun. No matter what the signs say.
  • I really hate getting into brand new book series because it’s at least a year until the next book comes out in hardback and at least another six months before it’s in paperback and I can buy it
  • It was harder than I thought it would be to find postcards of Busan and Jeju.
  • Yes I’m a Korean girl … the Teddy Bear Museum was fun, but I wouldn’t spend $10,000 on a teddy bear.
  • You should bring more than one plug converter or else your camera batteries may die on you. And of course at the worst times possible.
  • If I could take a bed from the Tapdong Motel I would…they’re really big, soft, and comfortable unlike my bed at SEV
  • There’s a lot of older Korean people on the honeymoon island than I expected.
  • I still hate mesquitos and spiders.
  • The yellow and black scary spider (if you lived in Korea you know which one I’m talking about) makes extremely strong webs, I walked into one and it didn’t break.
  • Be careful on the the steps in Jejudo, who ever made them didn’t make them even. Some are 2 inches tall, some are five inches tall, some are 4 inches tall and the heights are all random.
  • Korean music videos are very very similar to old American and British music videos.
  • I miss my apartment.
  • Of course the greenhouse for cacti is the hottest one in botanical garden.
  • You can cram a lot of high schoolers on an old bus.
  • Some sand turns black when it gets wet.
  • I was always on a bus when the sun went down and so I missed every single sunset in Jejudo – how is that possible?
  • I met the Jejudo Tangerine. He was at the airport trying to get people to eat Jejudo tangerines
  • Eventually I’ll put up all my pictures but first I need to get some developed.
  • I felt like Alice in Wonderland when I walked through the kimnyeong maze, but obviously I made it out okay.
  • Old Korean women can say the oddest things, especially about other people’s bodies.
  • It’s funny to see the looks on people’s faces when they think I don’t speak English or Korean and I comment on what they just said.
  • I still haven’t found Pochocco socks.
  • The waterfalls in Jejudo are worth the long walks and bad stair cases.
  • French style gardens apparently have gazebos and Italian-styled gardens in them.
  • I saw a jack fruit that was bigger and weighed alot more than me. Seriously.
  • How many things can you charge entrance fees for? And then charge other fees for?

And I think that’s the majority of random thoughts from this vacation.

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