Notes on the way back to TEXAS
Friday, December 19, 2008

So I’m sitting in the middle of Incheon International Airport – about two hours from Seoul and thought that I should share some last minute stories with you. And by Christmas, I will have finished my blog from Europe…promise.

It rained at night, so I put my Texas sweatshirt on my balcony to get rid of the smoke smell and of course it got wet and dirty.

So it tooko way longer that it should have trying to leave SEV, mainly because the security guards wanted to check everything that I had and were trying to take my pillow from me. Trust me I was only taking my pillow, I in no way would ever think about stealing the tiny, hard SEV pillow.

A kinda nice man let me share his taxi with him and he generously let me pay for the first part of his trip.

The 140 bus was decorated for Christmas, complete with paper snowflakes on the door windows and tinsel in the seat windows and Christmas (faerie) lights strung inside the bus.

I was a nice sight to see all the U.S. military men and women being able to go home this holiday season and you could see how impatient they were to get back home. There was this army guy somewhere from the South and I just wanted to stand next to him and listen to him, because he sounded so much like home. Listening to him, it kinda just hit me how long it’s been since I was last in the States and how much I miss the South. I also wanted to listen to him so that I could remember how to properly speak again. ^.^

So as I’m sitting in the Incheon airport trying to get my wifi to work, this woman comes up to me and immediately says, ‘Hi Karen, it’s me Nicole.’ And what do you know it’s Nicole Christensen. We were in the same Small Business Stage in Peace Corps Morocco. If I’m going to run into anyone at the airport in Korea, it might as well be someone from my Peace Corps days.

So I’m waiting for my flight, I have ten more minutes until I board.

Sorry Erin, I gave in and bought a book because I realized with “19 hours” of travel my one book wasn’t going to cut it. But I’m not going to go to Borders this weekend, no matter how wonderful the coupon is. Seriously, no more books until 2009.

Nichole Christensen Hardeman

I still can’t belive I saw you in Korea! It was great cathing up.
Have a wonderful Christemas in Texas!

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