“Puck One”

NOTE: I had some another place that I blog and I decided to delete it, but I wanted to keep the memories. So I’m combining everything on to this blog.

Anyang Halla vs. the Chinese team
Sunday, November 16, 2008

So I’m taking a small break in my blogging of my trip to Europe to tell you what happened at the hockey game. And then I’ll return to talking about my trip to Europe.

Claude Lemieux…yes THE Claude Lemieux…signed with the Chinese team in the Asian Hockey League. The official website of Anyang Halla (that’s the local hockey team that’s about 2 hours south of me and I support because it’s in Seoul) was promoting the possible matchups between the players on Anyang Halla and Lemieux. I’m not really a fan of booing athletes but if I had children and they booed Lemieux I really wouldn’t say anything to them about booing him.

We get to the arena about an hour ahead so that we didn’t have to sit in the corner behind the netting again. Those were definitely the WORST seats in the house.

Both teams were warming up and we were trying to see if there were any other ex-NHLers that were playing (Wade Flaherty, a goalie and Steve McKenna, defense played for the Chinese team too).

Bill was excited about his first hockey game…he’ll definitely be willing to go to another game.

When Lemieux went to the penalty box, Robbie and I looked at each other and were like “what a shocker, look who’s going to the sin bin.”

The “female” polar bear mascot kept on losing her skirt and during the second intermission took “her” skirt and shoved it up under her shirt. That was when “she” wasn’t walking into the boards and walls.

One of the linesmen either did soemthing to make the players mad, the hockey gods mad, or just had really bad karma. We lost count of the times that he was almost hit by the puck, hit by a player, etc. But at least he was able to laugh about it at the end of the game.

As for the actual game, Anyang Halla was done 0-1 at the end of the first period, even though they had a 2 man-ad. And then they were down 0-2 at the end of the second period and they had another 2 man-ad. One of the Chinese players (he was Canadian or American though) had a two minute major for hooking and pissing off the ref. During that power play, Anyang Halla scored two goals. And for the second game in a row (or at least the ones that I attended) they won the game with 5 minutes or less to go. Awesome game.

We really didn’t have a chance to boo Lemieux but there will be like two more times or so.

Bill Chong It was an amazing game even though I didin’t know all the rules.

Actually, I expected that It would not be interesting to watch an american culture game which hasn’t been popular yet in Asia.

Yeah.,….I was wrong. the game was so exciting enough to enjoy watching…. See More

Above all, It was good to see the players closely.

an american player kept shouting “Fuck”, which made me giggle for a while. In the end he was sent off for a long time. kkkkkkk

Well I should search for the information about rules of the hockey game right now.

Thanks for offering me to go there.

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