“Breaking All the Rules”

NOTE: I had some another place that I blog and I decided to delete it, but I wanted to keep the memories. So I’m combining everything on to this blog.

Graduation 2008.11.21
Friday, November 21, 2008

I had to work during the graduation today at SEV. And if there’s anything that I would put at the top of things that I loathe and dread, it would be graduation. But while I was a graduation I found this list of rules that a student wrote and it was a bright spot in a sad two hours. This is what was written:

No Lo
1. no eat in the room
2. no spiking Korean
3. no fighting
4. no runing
5. no shouting
6. no kicking chair
7. be quite
8. no punching
9. no drinking
10. listen carseful

Words to live by I think.


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