Shiva Indian

Indian food is one of my favorites, so obviously now that I’m back in Houston, I need to find an Indian place. The other day (the 4th of July actually) I decided to check out Shiva Indian Restaurant in Rice Village. At lunch there’s a nice size buffet, no ordering off the menu, with a nice variety of vegetarian, chicken, and even a goat dish. As soon as I sat down, a big basket of fresh naan was put on my table. I need to go back for dinner some night and see how their lamb dishes are, because rightly or wrongly, how an Indian restaurant prepares and serves their lamb dishes is a mark of how good they really are. But I don’t have any complaints about the buffet and the restaurant has really cute booths (really more for couples than for groups or families) and clean, neat tables that can be grouped as large or as small as you need. There were a lot of waiters, enough that they pretty much stood around while I was there and seemingly every time I took a sip of water, someone immediately came over to top off my glass.

That'll be me! ^^

There may not be enough food on this plate for me...don't worry I'll figure out a solution.


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