“Symphony No. 4”

One of the major reasons why I love Houston is the year-round arts scene; Houston is one of only four cities in the U.S. with year-round ballet, opera, theatre, and symphony performances. And in the summer time, that means that Miller Outdoor Theatre is open for performances, free performances. You can bring outside food and drink as long is it’s not in glass containers, although they do prefer you to by from their pretty cheap concession stand, since that’s how they keep the performances free.

I went a couple of weeks ago because they (the Houston Symphony) were performing pieces by Mozart and Tchaikovsky, my favorite composer of all time. Diego Matheuz, a young conductor from Venezuela, who has a very impressive resume ranging from Bologna, Turino, Florence, Puerto Rico, and L.A. amongst other places. Lounging under the Houston night sky, listening to masterfully played classical music, with a light breeze was an absolutely enjoyable way to spend a summer night, at least in my opinion. ^^

We can pretend that we're in Washington D.C. ^^

A gorgeous sunset at Miller Outdoor Theatre.

Miller Outdoor Theatre


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