“Live Life Loud”

89.3 KSBJ has their second annual Boomin on the Bay on the Kemah Boardwalk featuring Rivive Blink and Hawk Nelson. Kemah’s a nice place to be in the summer, I like Hawk Nelson’s music and I like free shows. So it was a no-brainer for me.

I haven’t been to Kemah in a while and they really have gentrified the place. Replacing the mis-matched eclectic house-shops and restaurants is a big new connected boardwalk of shops and places to eat. Not surprising everything was crowded, standing room only in some shops. I ended up eating at the Bayside Grill, which I probably should have taken the hint that it was nearly empty for a reason. Part of the problem of switching to an organic, natural diet is that when you eat overly processed food, your first reflex is to spit out the overly salty, chemical, bland tasting stuff in your mouth. I had the Kemah quesadilla and a funnel cake and both were disgusting.

Rivive Blink was cool. Hawk Nelson definitely didn’t disappoint. Although since they’re my age, asking a bunch of teens half their age to sing “Rockin in the Free World” was not the greatest of ideas, which was fudged proven by the teens inability to sing along like he band wanted. They brought out a ukele and did a Hawaiian song medley. Overall pretty good I can now go buy their CDs since I’ve seen them live and they were fun and good. ^^


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