“Sign of a Victory”

I met with David, a friend from the Region 4 ACP that I did because America doesn’t accept my certificate and I have to redo everything and pay for it, all over again. O_o We decided to meet up and watch the World Cup Finals somewhere fun and it was decided we should go to The Flying Saucer. The Flying Saucer was great, the atmosphere is very similar to the pubs that I watched the last World Cup in Ireland and hung out in Slovakia.

I decided to cheer for the Netherlands, even though they eliminated my last country, Slovakia, because they’re the only country that I have friends from and cheering for. What can I say about the game? I think that like Hollywood, FIFA should have acting awards, and some ideas for awards could be:

  • Best Team Simulation
  • Best Overall Individual Simulation
  • Best Simulation By Self
  • Best Simulation of an Ankle Injury
  • Best Simulation of a Head Injury
  • Best Simulation Duo
  • Best Simulation Blaming Another Player
  • Best Dive

I was sad to see Spain win, mostly because of their “fans” up until the last couple of games, it was hard to find Spanish fans, and then they showed up. If any country was going to win for the first time, I wanted it to be the Netherlands because rain or shine, the Dutch fans are out in full force. Overall, it was a good World Cup, some controversy, some amazing shots, some disappointments, some happy moments, some surprises, some shocks, you know the usual World Cup. So here’s to two years of nothing until the Euros in Poland and the Ukraine and then the next World Cup in Brazil in 2014. Aughhh the wait…

enjoying the World Cup at the Flying Saucer

the Chicken Nachos at the Flying Saucer


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