The Fish Restaurant

I pretty much only eat at Miyako’s, mainly because they have two really good specialty rolls and I generally judge sushi places based on their specialty rolls. I mean everyone learns how to make the same, basic sushi and sashimi, so putting together something unique and that actually tastes good is a skill. But I wanted to try some other places in Houston, because maybe there are some other places that had just as great specialty rolls and happy hour deals. So I tried out The Fish restaurant in Midtown, thanks to my really cool app, Urbanspoon, which lets you pick the section of town, the type of food you’re interested in, and the price range, then shake your iPhone and you get a restaurant (if there is one) that matches your request.

It’s a gorgeous place, deep, black furniture contrast nicely with the deep red walls creating a stark ambiance accentuated by the dim lights and the complex flavors of Japanese cuisine. Happy hours is 5-7 and food wise, it’s $2 sushi, but not the rolls.

I started with the miso shiru soup and then had the Millenium roll and the Spiro roll. The rolls were both really good, but Millenium roll wasn’t as packed as tightly as I would have liked and they were on the smallish side compared to the specialty rolls at Miyako’s.

Overall it’s a nice place to sit in with great service, but a bit pricey and I was still a bit hungry afterwards.

Spiro Roll is the back one and the Millenium Roll is the one in the front


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