Nouveau Antique Art Bar

the outside of the Nouveau Antique Art Bar

When I applied and agreed to volunteer in Peace Corps, I didn’t realize how significant of a part Peace Corps would play in my life. I’m one of the lucky ones that can say that I was able to figure out my life thanks to my experiences in Peace Corps. I went from a career that I had to occassionally lie and help cover things up and to a career where I can inspire and encourage students to hopefully help them realize their potential.

Since I’ve never really lived in a city with really any kind of a RPCV community, I never became involved in one. But once I decided to move back to the States, I knew that for something that played such a major part in my life, and something that many people can’t understand unless they’ve been a PCV, it would probably be a good idea to get in touch with at least one RPCV group.

So once a month there’s an RPCV get-together and yesterday it was at the Nouveau Antique Art Bar. It’s a relatively new place off of Main Street, but keep your eyes open so that you don’t miss the turn. Once you get inside and adjust to the slight darkness, you become slightly entranced (or at least I did) by the seemingly millions of unique stained glass light fixtures. It’s a really nice place to sit, relax and talk, but two warnings: the menu is only alcoholic drinks and not a single food item.

part of the stained glass chandelier ceiling

more chandeliers

one of many really, really beautiful lamps


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