As anyone who has ever read this blog before knows, I love my food. And as anyone who’s ever read this blog before or knows me, I like my Tex-Mex. And as anyone who has read this blog before or actually knows me, one of my biggest complaints about living abroad is my ridiculous cravings for good Tex-Mex, because let’s face it, if you’re going to pay money for food, it might as well be good food. And good Tex-Mex requires the right spices, cumin needed please, flavors, yes cilantro is a must, as is lime, lime, not lemon, but lime in order to be truly good. Everyone has their place that they love, like, enjoy, or even secretly like but realize the uncoolness of it. This blog is about one that I really like.

One of my favorite places in the world to eat is Gringo’s. I remember when I first moved to Pearland, Gringo’s was this kinda hole in the wall Tex-Mex place with an extreme sour creme based guacamole sauce and good food. Over the years it’s grown to be a nicer building, with a bit of cheezy pazazz but thankfully the food hasn’t changed and the atmosphere is still fun and relaxing at the same time. Now to my surprise, but not my surprise, it’s grown into a chain in the Houston area. I recently went there with my op-pa and had a great time and an extremely full tummy of cheese enchiladas, rice and beans, and of course chips, salsa, and sour creme guacamole. ^^

of course I tend to fill up on these things before my food arrives...but they're so good.

two cheese enchiladas and rice

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