“Back Home Lovin You”

Why am I using an H-Town song to describe my trip to the “recently” new H-Mart in Houston? Because I thought it was appropriate: H-Town and H-Mart, I am back home, and I’m still lovin Korea. Enough rationalization? It was weird to be there a Korean store in America overflowing with Asian products in an American way rather than the precision and neatness of a Korean store that would be more overfilled with American products. I was nice to see ddeok and the many different types of kim, kim-chi, etc. There was a tiny food court, where each store had mostly the same things, but not chal kook soo or soojebi T.T and weirdly the girl that worked there didn’t speak any Korean. I had dubu kimchi jjigae and it was a whole lot more salt than I’m used to, but it was still great to have.

dubu kim-chi jji-gae


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