Dessert Gallery

I actually have had Turkish Delights before, they’re good, but for me they in no shape or form could ever replace chocolate and its wonderful varieties or marzipan. For my belated birthday celebration, Iza, Kyle and I went to the Dessert Gallery – I just found my new favorite sweet shop. As a Southern girl, once I saw the Red Velvet Cake, it was only a choice between a gianormous slice of cake or a huge cupcake…the cupcake won out.

Red Velvet (Cup)Cake, not as coffee-ish as usually but oh sooo delicious. ^^

The actual place itself is very girly and extremely dangerous. right about the display cases and the cash register are three flat screen TVs that show someone’s hands putting together the various delicious, mouth-watering offerings of the Dessert Gallery.

the inside of the Dessert Gallery

I went back later and had a slice of Everybody’s Favorite Mousse Cake and it was a delicious blend of two different mousses, extremely rich and filling that after my “pig-out” at Miyako’s, it was impossible for me to finish (I know a first, right?)

Everybody's Favorite Mousse Cake is aptly named in my opinion.


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