I have really nice summer days so far. I wake up, turn on my computer and watch at least one World Cup game, thanks to ESPN3’s PIP.

Yesterday was a bit nerve-wrecking, knowing that England had already scored a goal, and the US-Algeria was a continuous stalemate. Thankfully there was enough stoppage time for Donovan to score a last minute goal, when Dempsey first shot the ball, I may have yelled ‘no,’ at my computer when it didn’t go in and then sat in stunned disbelief at Donovan running and belly-flopping. The reactions (not including Bill Plastcke’s “rational” one) were documented by the Times.

So now I have three horses in the knock-out rounds, Korea, the US, and now Slovakia. What I wouldn’t give to be in Slovak Pub right now, Slovakia has to be going insane, the first they have ever been in the World Cup as an independent country and they just knocked out Italy, the defending champions. Which was a bit sad for me because outside of the countries that I lived in, Italy was my next favorite country in the tournament.

But it’s such a great accomplishment for Slovakia, whose entire population could fit within Houston proper. Slovakia is usually overlooked, overshadowed by the Czech Republic, even ESPN’s little Amazon blurb about bestsellers about Slovakia are mainly about the Czech Republic. Oh well. I hope everyone’s enjoying a mug of koffola or a bottle of vinea, eating some bryndove halusky and are enjoying their wonderful win!


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