“Wavin’ Flag”

World Cup is almost done with the group play part of the Finals, well, the first day of the last group play action started right now as I’m typing and trying to be patient for all of my paperwork to finally come through so that I can apply for jobs. So I start my mornings off with at least one World Cup match and job application forms…fun stuff.

My impressions so far:

  • Way to many cards, it seems like every other minute the referee is blowing his whistle and someone’s getting a card. Earlier on, I was definitely sure that by the end of group play, every single player would have been carded at least once.
  • Get out of the way for the French implosion, as well as the English implosion.
  • Would anyone really have been shocked if the four North Korean footballers really disappeared?
  • Shocker: Censorship and North Korea!
  • North Korea kinda kept up with Brazil, even scored on them. I was kinda proud of them, because regardless of politics, they’re Korean too and then I felt guilty because of politics.
  • South Korea looked awesome against Greece and then looked terrible against Argentina. Not the greatest coaching putting Park Ji Sung in the center when Argentina’s really, really, really good down the middle.
  • If the Americans could play good for more than one half, that would be great, this Cardiac Kids thing is getting old.
  • Why is Mexico rotating between captains? It’s confusing.
  • I was so excited to hear that Slovakia was in the Finals, but a tie with New Zealand and a loss to Paraguay wasn’t really what I was expecting.
  • Daniele De Rossi needs to shave, this is the World Cup, not the Stanley Cup.
  • Uruguay has been impressive, I kinda slept on them I have to admit.

One of the most interesting stories from the World Cup for me has been Chong Tese, the unconventionally loud forward for North Korea. He was born in Japan in the Korean expat community, which leads more towards communism than their South Korean roots. (Basically think of the Korean expat community in Japan like the Cuban expat community in Florida…most of the money going into North Korea comes from this group.) He decided as a teen that the North Korean way was the best way, renounced his South Korean ties and worked to get North Korean citizenship. In the first game against Brazil, he cried during the playing of the North Korean national anthem.

The goal. The US got robbed. We should have won that game against Slovenia, Edu scored and if there was a whistle to be blown, it should have been against Slovenia for holding, which would have been a penalty kick for the States. Wrong. So wrong. But I don’t think that too many Americans are mad and FIFA would never overrule a ref.

“Goalie Protection Program” is something that will be needed after this World Cup, with all the goalie miscues and how seriously some countries take soccer/football, there’s plenty of goalies that will need to relocate, quite possibly for safety reasons. And of course the safest, live-able place on Earth for them, will be the States and possibly Canada…go figure.


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