“Doctor Doctor”

One of my closest friends in the world, who I roomed with for almost 3 years and deals with me quite well, is now proudly Doctor Doctor Titiloupe Ishola! Just a regular M.D. wasn’t good enough for her, she had to get a Ph.D. to match. ^^ She was matched at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. So if I can find a full-time position for the fall, I most definitely going to Cincy this winter break!

Me with Doctor Doctor Ishola ^^

Congratulations (belated on the blog, but timely in real life) once again, Titi!

Oh and at her graduation party, we had jelafila (I can’t spell, but you already knew this) rice and I had chicken with mine. The picture was a bit weird but I kinda like it.

traditional jelafila rice with chicken and fried plaintains


One response to ““Doctor Doctor”

  1. I have friends with 2 PhD’s – – they are most humble people I have ever met . . .

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