“Waka Waka”

It’s finally World Cup time. There’s really only four times of the sporting year that really gets me transfixed on the television and score watching…the Summer Olympic Games, the Winter Olympic Games, March Madness and the World Cup.

It was funny because about a month ago, I was determined not to get caught up with World Cup, after all I’m still in the middle of my ACP and job hunting. But the closer and closer the World Cup came, the more interested I became and thanks to ESPN 3, I’ve only missed one match so far.

For Americans, the Super Bowl brings the best commercials, but really I think that the World Cup commercials are more creative and far friendlier:

And then there was this funny bit right before the US – England match today:

I can’t wait for the rest of the tournament! Sports is a way to connect without language, without many of the negative things that cloud our everyday interactions. And the stories that come with such an event, remind that the human condition is not necessarily bleak, but full of possibilities and triumphs, if you let it and fight for it. Of course I’m cheering for the States and Korea, I never cheer against my countries, but then I also feel the need to cheer for Slovakia, because I lived there, and I kinda want to cheer for North Korea, because well, they’re Korean too.

Who are you cheering for?


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