Rudy’s “Country Store” and BBQ

Barbeque is one of the foods that are associated with Texas food and so I’m really picky about my barbeque, well actually my brisket.

A couple of years ago I visited my sister in Austin and she took me to Rudy’s, quite ironically on the way there I made a completely food snobbish comment about eating food at a gas station, Theresa gave me a weird look and then we arrived at Rudy’s, which had a gas station out front. But the fact that we had to make our own parking space was either a sign that 1) the food was really good or 2) the food was really cheap or 3) the alcohol was cheap. Basically number 1 and number 2 was why it was packed wall to wall. In a lot of ways it reminded me of the greasy spoons in Korea where you’re crammed up next to a complete stranger.

I asked Theresa a couple of months ago to get me a bottle of Rudy’s BBQ sause and she told me that there was a Rudy’s in Houston. But it took me a while to get there because it’s in north Houston on 290, quite a bit away from P-ville.

But it’s really close to the Region 4 offices, where I go to school and where I took my ESL TExES test today. So obviously I thought it would be a great idea to get a late lunch at Rudy’s and then go take my test. I had already been warned that it wasn’t as great at the original place in Austin so I braced myself for disappointment. Which wasn’t really necessary, the food was great as in Austin, it’s just that it’s a different ambiance. Austin is full of loud, exhuberant college crowd, whereas Houston’s location is quite out of the way and plays to a much older crowd. But for me as long as the food’s good and the place is safe, I don’t care. I like to make my tummy happy.

Advice: the sissy sause is too sugary sweet for my taste, go with the regular, it’s my favorite barbeque sauce ever. Not too sweet, not too garlicy, not too tomatoey, not too tomatoe paste-like, doesn’t resemble watery salsa in a form, justthe right amount of vinegar, spices, and tomatoes…yummy. ^^

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