“Monster Mash”

I didn’t know what to expect as far as the faculty at Dawson High School was concerned, I just figured if I put my head down and then did as best I could, I’d be all right and hopefully, eventually I’d be okay.

Then I arrived at Dawson and found a mess, but I found such wonderful people so willing to help me with anything and everything from finding the right room, to getting TAKS/TEKS appropriate materials, to showing lab and demo ideas, to helping with unruly students.

About a week after I started my long-term substitute assignment, it was my birthday and the sconce department surprised me with a birthday card signed by everyone. ^^ and as much help as I needed, when I needed it. The reception that I received here and the support that I received, even from the athletic coaches, has been so wonderful that I’m really considering switching from elementary to high school as soon as I can get me internship and certification done. I’ve been really blessed that Mrs. Dawson thought to ask if I would be available to take this position and that the higher-ups at the high school felt comfortable enough with me to let me interview and then offer me the position, when there were far more scientifically appropriate people out there.

The only reason I named this post “Monster Mash” was because I needed a song that reminded me of scientists, even mad scientists, so I could show my cute little mole off (Moles…you know the unit used in chemistry to measure compounds and elements, usually used in stoiciometry).

that I received from the head of the science department. Isn’t it cute?


One response to ““Monster Mash”

  1. love the mole!!!!

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