“Following You”

One of the reasons I decided to join the parish at Holy Rosary (although I really should do the paperwork this week and make it official) is because the priests give amazing homilies that make me think and reflect about me, life, people, the world, basically everything.

One of the more interesting things said recently was that it made one of the priests happy that the mistakes and failures of the Apostles were recorded in the bible. They didn’t have to be, but that would have also painted them to be unachieveable role models that would destroy the message that Christ brought, we are loved and we are forgiven. If the men (and women) that first followed Jesus were so perfect how could we, who sin, match up to those who didn’t, wouldn’t you give up hope for your redemption if you felt and thought that you could never match up? So that’s why it’s good to have proof that weakness, doubt will happen, but so will forgiveness and redemption.

I honestly never thougt about this topic before, except in the über-ridiculous thought when I was in high school and college that if I was lucky enough to have lived when Jesus walked the earth, I would have known it was him and would have followed him.

But after experiencing life and getting to know myself, I can’t really say that I would have been too different for Peter or any of the Apostles in their actions and reactions. With crowds wanting Jesus dead, would I really have spoken up and said, ‘yes, I’m with Him?’ There are many times that I truly need to be hit in the head or between the eyes before I see it, understand it, or even do it. I frequently struggle with priorities in my life, as well as my temper and my patience, ask my 7th period and my 1st period, as well as my computer of late.

I’m trying and I’m slowly, but hopefully surely am working on everything so that I can follow better.

One response to ““Following You”

  1. you make some very good points!! i was reading the book of judges yesterday and i really like the story of gideon…he was so unsure of himself, but took a leap of faith. oh, just for fun, read the story of deborah! =)

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