So it’s been decided after a in reality small stress- related breakdown that I should have some help during my worst period, 7th. Between the two seniors who are in the wrong class and don’t want to do anything, so they rile up other students and tell anyone willing to listen that I’m giving them busy work on stuff not on TAKS, etc. Students who don’t seem to care if they pass or not and keep others from learning. Then there are the students who don’t have anyone at home who care about them. Of course there are the not too cool kids who do everything but stand on their heads to get the “cool” kids’ attention and ‘respect.’ Last, but definitely not least are the students who care and want to pass…all six of them.

The apathy the majority of them exude is depressing, as well as the immaturity level. I actually had a student say they couldn’t wait to go to uni so that life would be easier. When I informed them that uni profs don’t have state mandated pass-fail rates, you fail you fail, he actually told me that he had the money to buy tutors to deal with that crap.

We all like to look at ourselves with rose-tinted glasses and I realize that honors/AP is a completely different world than regular, but I don’t really remember my regular math class, much less my honors classes, being ride and disrespectful to any teacher or not their doing work.

And the generational use of slurs is just another blog entry I think.


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