“Boys of Summer”

The anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking into Major League Baseball…although there could be an argument that Branch Rickey deserves as much credit as Robinson for the momentous, historically significant event in American history, recently passed (April 15th), really without too much fanfare in most areas of the media.

Something that has always drawn me to sports and keeps me utterly fascinated is that sports is a such a rather accurate mirror of society and society is an accurate mirror of sports. What’s allowed or not allowed in sports are usually the same things that are condoned or condemned in society and vice versa, which to me is fascinating because what other two things that mirror each other so closely.

Yahoo! sports had an interesting blog the other day that talks about the legacy of Robinson and modern baseball. It’s a bit sad to have such an important day in a country’s societal fabric to be somewhat ignored. Although I do agree with Mike & Mike that for all the things that MLB does wrong, the way that they honor their history, they can’t be faulted for that. The photos of all MLB players wearing number 42 on Thursday were great.

Which of course made the experience of listening to my students yell the ‘N’ word at each other and then give me ridiculous reasons to attempt to justify their immaturity and self-disrespectfulness, that much more depressing.

One response to ““Boys of Summer”

  1. I like this post…very philosophical.
    One thing that came to mind about what was acceptable back then that isn’t acceptable today is the size of the basketball shorts. LOL. I remember watching old basketball games from the 70s and I was simply amazed by how men go around bouncing in those tiny shiny shorts in a professional sport 😛

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