It rained a bit today, cooling the already cool temperatures. I was hoping for a bit more rain…free car wash, I’m seriously budgeted right now.

The news from Pearland ISD’s job fair, over 1200 job seeking applicants and that was before they closed the doors because of crowds. I always felt that my CELTA and my previous work experience would put me in a great position, even if I finish Region 4’s course at the end of June, but that number scared me. I don’t want to be a sub. I want to have my classroom and my students again. I don’t regret deciding to come back to the States, but it is frustrating and stressful to sit and wait for July to come around.

I went to a resume/interview seminar offered by Region 4 yesterday and it amazed me, not necessarily the number of people there, but rather the number of retirement-ready people going through alternative certification. I understand someone who’s been a teacher as their career to teach past retirement age, but for someone to do this coming from a non-teaching background. I’m really sure that there will are other ways to have “steady” pay for less stress, at least in my book. I do have some stress wondering if a principal will be willing to be patient to hire me in July and then to wade through the four hundred applicants’ resumes with Boy Scout leader or PTA mom as relevant job experience to see me.

And yet I’m enjoying life back in America still, even when I just received my first paycheck from Dawson High School, such a drop-off from Korea. But life is still good. ^^


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