“Sunday Morning”

I’ve started going to Holy Rosary for the Latin Mass and it’s such a wonderful feeling to hear Mass in Latin. You’d think that it would be pretty empty, being a Latin Mass in America, but it’s a whole lot fuller than a Mass in the Czech Republic. And there was a large range of ages, too.

After Mass some of the Vietnamese parishioners were selling carwfish and Vietnamese favorites like spring rolls, fried rice, and pork skewers. I happily bought two spring rolls with spicy peanut sauce and enjoyed them immensely. It’s not that the parish at 명동성당 didn’t have food some Sundays, but it was always Korean food and usually full of pork.

I graded the labs and quizzes that I didn’t do yesterday and it was depressing. About 90% of my students lost about 50 points or so on their labs for not listening to my instructions. And it was obviously they didn’t do well on their TAKS warm-up quiz because they didn’t listen again…it was obvious too that they didn’t actually try on too many of them they just waited until I went over the answers with the class.

I attempted to help Maggie put together Theresa’s old bed but three of the four screw were taken out badly so they wouldn’t go in properly when I tried to screw them in again.

Eventful day as always.


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