It’s crazy the mini curveballs that I’ve gotten in the last ten years. In uni I was so sure that I’d be a marketing exec somewhere making memorable, amazing campaigns, preferably for a sports team or for a studio. Then it was graduation time and a lack of job market, so then Peace Corps. Morocco came calling and off I went to Rabat and then eventually to Temsia/Agadir, where I fell into teaching and realized that it was a better fit for me and where I want to be and what I wanted to do with my life.

After doing the CELTA in Dublin, I was able to see a part of the world that has fascinated me for a while for extremely low prices. Thanks to the CELTA I was able to get a job in Slovakia and see most of Central Europe. I can’t wait to see Hungary again, even if they have the Euro now.

Thanks to teaching in Korea, I was able to see my homeland and get in touch with my country that I haven’t been in for a while. And I was also able to see part of the Mediterrenean and Pope Benedict twice!

Then when I pretty much resigned myself to being unemployed for the next six months, my old aquatic science teacher called me, well really e-mailed me, to see when was I coming back to Pville and was I interested in a long-term sub position at a local high school. Of course I said yes and I’ve done a good enough job, although to be fair the bar wasn’t exactly set that high to begin with but that’s another blog entry, that other teachers and the VP that hired me are trying to get me to take the high school science teacher exam. And when I mentioned that I’m a far better English teacher, the VP mentioned that there were openings in the English department for the upcoming academic year and she’d help me if she could with whatever I needed to do to get a job or switch from elementary education to high school.

It hadn’t been a painless journey by no means but it’s been filled with such an education that it makes me not really recognize the person that I was before I did all of my traveling.

All of this makes me wh

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