“All the Memories”

Today I had some smiles that I just want written down so I don’t forgot even though I think it’ll be a while before I forget.

The vice principal at Dawson told me this morning that she thought I should get certified as a high school science teacher based on what she’s seen from me. I mention tha one of the chem teachers who has been gracious enough to help me made the same comment but to be honest I’m much more qualified to teach English. She looked at me and said there are openings for the upcoming year. And when I mentioned that I was signed up for the elementary teachers alternative certifcation program, she told me to check if it was transferable and that she was more than willing to help me.

At lunchtime Mrs. Dawson told me that she had tutored two of my students earlier, she didn’t know that they were my students. She gave them a worksheet of something that was going to he on the TAKS, the students looked at it and said that they already knew how to do it because their new teacher taught them how to do it. She wasn’t too sure because they’ve scored pretty low on the practice tests, etc., but they did everything right. She asked them about their teacher and they started to talk about how their new teacher teaches them and they actually learn the material. When she asked them who their teacher was that they’re giving so much credit to, they named me.

By Texas law I’m not supposed to have more than 10% failure rate amongst my students, unless I’ve called home and inform their parents and given them ample opportunities to make up their failing grade. So yesterday I emailed all the parents I could and today I called everyone I could. I got back several emails thanking me for trying to help their child and how much they appreciated my efforts.

So all in all I had a good day…maybe I did know what I’m doing. ^^


One response to ““All the Memories”

  1. yay! that’s encouraging to hear!!!

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