“Terra tremuit”

If I ever need to remember why I chose to be Catholic for the rest of my life, I never have to look further than Easter. I think that I’ve mentioned it before that when I was younger I liked Easter because it’s usually around my birthday and there’s lots of chocolate involved, but as I’ve gotten older it’s become more about renewing my commitment to God and the Church.

Every Mass we talk about how we believe in one holy, Apostolic Church, how the Church continues on Apostolic succession, the tradition of Peter, the Apostole trusted with Jesus’s bride, the Church. I decided to go to Latin Mass because when in the Liturgical year is there a more appropriate time to participate in a Latin Mass? None as far as I can think of. And as I was people watching at Holy Rosary, it struck me of how wonderfully diverse the parish of Holy Rosary is…young, old, married, single, families, men, women, Caucasian, Black, Asian, Latino, I know the argument can be said this is because it’s America. But I’ve been to Protestant services in America and to be honest it was not really been that diverse, 90% of the congregation is one target group and that’s being generous.

And then of course there’s the comforting fact that no matter where my Catholic friends are in the world, we’re all listening to the same readings and partaking in the same Eucharistic celebration.

On a food note: Easter lunch was rosemary mint lamb kebabs, artichoke-Kalamata olive hummus with baked garlic pita chips, and spiced rice. Sorry no pictures, it looked so good and I was so hungry that I dug in and ate everything in sight.


One response to ““Terra tremuit”

  1. Easter is my favorite. My absolute favorite. I love that it’s about our Lord’s resurrection, not about gift-giving or vacations or other such ridiculousness.

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