“Eye of thr Tiger”

Yesterday there were two bombings on the Moscow metro system yesterday. It was a shock to hear that it’s been so long since there was such a terrorist act in Moscow. It seems like just yesterday I was running around the metro station at Park Kultury to get from one area to another.

It never gets old when things like that come on the news, it never seems to shock me what we as human beings can do to each other. How terribly we can treat each other, as if anyone else’s life isn’t as important as our own.

It makes me step back and look at me and my relationships and the way that I treat others. Of course I’m a bit blind to anything but my reality, so I think that I’ve always and am nice to everyone but that’s what I think and that may or may not be what others see or feel.

I remember in high school I went to Baylor’s debate camp on summer and one of the camp instructors was telling us about perception…a freedom fighter is a terrorist, it just depends on how you want to describe their actions. I never thought of the two in similar terms like that but the more I thought about it the more I had to accept it and agree with it.

There are things that I’m really sensitive about and if someone brings up something somewhat related to that sore
Spot or I interpretate it to be related to my weak spot, I definitely react internally, depending on the environment I’m in I may react externally to. But it has mainly to do with what I see as, what I perceive as, picking on a sore subject, even if that person could not possibly know it’s such a sore spot with me. It’s terible I know but there are times when I can seem to help but rise to the bait.

As much as I want to believe in the validity of Rousseau’s Social Contract that both sides freely and willingly uphold their ends in the Contract, I know that that is more of the ideal and less of a reality. If we really held to the Social Contract or even communitarianism, we would have the existance of terrorism or freedom fighters. Not would the news be filled with constant stories crime, murder, hate, etc. Our schools would need to make the distinctions between students of different ethnicities, social-economical backgrounds, we would just care about students and make sure they are properly prepared for the next step in their lives.

Who knows what the ideal solution or situation truly is, it really is kinda in the eye of the tiger and the truth of perception?


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