“It’s My Party”

It’s always interesting this time of year. For me there’s been a bit of a personal evolutionas far as this time of the year. It’s been a complete change because my birthday is usually around Passion Sunday at the earliest and a couple of days after Easter at the latest, chocolate and other sweets usually were a part of my birthday celebration. But there was also the challenges of people abstaining from chocolates and sweets, as well as having plans with their families for their holiday celebrations.

Having my birthday abroad was a weird experience, celebrating sometimes with people that I had just met…literally like that morning. And in a sense being limited in what I could do, apartments are not as big as houses and public transportation can take forever, so restaurants are the best option, but depending on the country there might not he too much of a choice. That and in some cultures only children celebrate birthdays.

So I saw on my friend Erin’s blog that she had cupcakes for her birthday cake and although it’s been ages since I had Red Velvet Cake…the best cake ever created…thank you Canada!!! I didn’t want to buy one and for once I had access to an o em that really worked. So for my 2010 birthday, it’s my party and I can have devil’s food cupcakes with buttercream frosting if I want to. ^^


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