“Rain It Down”

One of iTunes’ recent spotlight artists was a Christian singer named Carlos Whittaker and his song, “Rain It Down” and I play it ALOT at the moment. I did like Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Take the Wheel” up to a point, because although you should depend on Jesus, you should also be proactive, or else you can be waiting forever for a sign and the world will pass you by because rarely, signs from God are electric billboards. “Rain It Down” is more about accepting everything and doing what you can.

My old science teacher recommended me as a potential long-term sub for the open position, that the other chem teachers had basically given up on finding someone. The VP liked me and my old science teacher has a LOT of pull in the district so I was in. It’s good to know people. Which is ironic because I did complain about it quite a bit in Korea, using relationships to get a job that people weren’t so qualified for. Although I did do Pre-AP and AP sciences in high school, ranked in the 97-98% of students on the now defunct TASP, and did take uni-level science, I’m not a science major at all. I might naturally have the ability, I don’t have the inclination at all, I prefer linguistics and history.

I’ve been struggling this week so far, because of the lack of quality prep by the teacher that I replaced, having students that aren’t used to a teacher with enforced rules, having to relearn Chemistry concepts that I haven’t seen in ten years or so, having to basically start from scratch for all classes, having a ridiculous number of failing students to have to get up to par in basically three and a half weeks and get to pass the current TAKS, etc.

But today, I received two amazing compliments:

  1. a student said that she really didn’t learn anything in her teacher’s class, but with me she’s learned about solutions and if asked a question about them, she’s farely confident that she could answer correctly.
  2. one of the actual Chemistry teachers, who has a Ph.D., told me if I study a bit more, she feels that I could pass the science requirement for a high school teacher. She also told me that every time she’s near my classroom when I’m teaching, I’m on target with everything that I’m teaching her and my classroom management skills are great.

So I’m taking those two bright spots and running with them. But I’m still really excited about Friday being almost here. I really am. After this job, seriously, elementary will be a breeze, as will ESL. ^^


2 responses to ““Rain It Down”

  1. yay! success! i think if anything, it’s your determination to give your best to all you do that really touches people the most. it’s amazing how a student responds when s/he senses the teacher actually cares about teaching the material!!! good luck!

  2. Ugh, I don’t know that I could teach chem. I liked it well enough in high school, and I’m a nurse, so I deal w/ it pretty much daily, but still. And high school? Ugh. Props to you, Karen. Seriously.

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