Today I started my long-term substituting position at Dawson High School; I honestly think the last time I was up that early was when I needed to go to Incheon to catch a flight. Seriously it was pitch black and a long, long line to the parking lot and happily before you could make left turns into the parking lot.

It was an interesting time of one hand not telling the other. Attendance felt that since I was a long-term sub that they didn’t need to print out the attendance roster for me because long-term subs have access to the on-line attendance. But whoever is in charge of computers hasn’t added me so for the first 3 periods of the day, I didn’t have any clue who was in the class or not. Not to mention all the TAKS pullouts added to the confusion. As did the Chem classes doing work that not even the Chem Pre-AP are doing.

Even though the day ended at 14:15, I didn’t actually leave until well after 16:15, because I was busy trying to figure out he new stuff for the Chem classes and studying for tomorrow’s classes.


2 responses to ““Scream”

  1. i can’t believe you’re teaching chemistry!! wow, i nearly failed chemistry….!

  2. baikeunsook

    That I can’t believe…I’m sure you passed AP with flying colors.

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