“Embers and Envelopes”

Finally my criminal background check was completely, and no surprise, there’s nothing negative on it, so I start tomorrow on my long-term substitution assignment. Which really couldn’t come at a better time…I’m bored out of my mind and looking for excuses to leave the house, which usually end up with me spending money that I don’t really want to spend.

Today was a bit of a productive day: picked up my subs badge from the ISD office, got my box of teaching supplies from the post office, Theresa bought me my birthday present – two cool frames for my watercolor paintings that I picked up in St. Petes, bought a wireless router so that I can use the internet when Theresa moves out later this week and an alarm clock that works with both my iTouch and my iPhone, so I’ll actually hear my alarm, which I need so that I can wake up at 5am for work.

Then I taught Theresa about shopping for vegetables and meat, which was hard because she doesn’t really eat vegetables. So now I need to write out some of my (in)famous, quite vague really, recipes – the simple ones for someone who doesn’t cook at all – so that she can take them with her to Austin.

With all this talk of moving, I’m thinking of ways to cut down on the amount of stuff that I need to cart around and seriously, I have a lot of books, as well as other stuff. There might be a give away in the near future.

3 responses to ““Embers and Envelopes”

  1. wish i could be there for the book giveaway!!!!!!!!!

  2. 1) I love that you picked that song for the title. I put together a playlist that’s only Mae, This Providence, Waking Ashland, We Shot The Moon, MuteMath, & Daphne Loves Derby to listen to until Lent is over. It puts me in a good headspace.

  3. baikeunsook

    I kinda went through and I have had such an eclectic taste in well everything that I don’t think that y’all would actually want to read any of it. So they went to Half-Price Books, but there’s furniture stuff (bookshelves, TV, stuff like that) that I technically own, but I think it would actually be cheaper to buy new than to figure out how to lug them somewhere.

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