“The Seventh Day”

I’ve started to attend Mass at St. Andrew Kim Catholic Church in North Houston/Katy and if my lazy butt could remember to register, life would be even better. It’s really funny to me, when I was in Korea, Korean mass or English mass were about the same, but I really liked listening to Fr. Dennis’s homilies, which I think he gives one of the best homilies I’ve ever heard, except for Fr. Lule Muggaga from Las Vegas.  But now that I’m back in the States, I want to hear Korean Mass, except for daily Mass at Holy Rosary. Yes, I’m a goober.

One of the things I like about Fr. Lee at St. Andrew Kim, is that he’s expressive, most likely due to being in the States for such a long period of time, for each homily, one of the deacons will bring out a whiteboard for him to write key words all over and circle, etc. to make sure that we are paying attention to the key words.

I’m a bit in the weird age range, there are plenty of parishoners much older than me and plenty much younger than me, but not really any that are my age. Which I guess is what my friends and Cafe Catholica is for, but I have to wait for the summer in order to enjoy Cafe Catholica. T.T

Holy week is one week away!!!


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