The legend of the ladybug goes something like this: in a rural farming area, the local crops were being eaten by bugs, so the farmers prayed to Mary asking for help. Then these little red bugs started to show up and eat the bugs that were eating the crops. The happy farmers named the helpful bugs ‘ladybugs’ because surely the Lady had sent them from heaven.

I’m really not sure why I wanted to share that but I did, what can I say…I’m a goober.

Today was a day that I just relaxed and hung out with my un-nee and her boys. I can’t believe that they’re so big, it seems like only yesterday I was at their baptism. It was a lot of fun to hang out with them. Of course I was greatly happy to spend time with my un-nee and catch up with her.

And of course I waited on pins and needles to see if Honda was going to be mean to me. But they didn’t call, so no communication is good communication right?


One response to ““Ladybug”

  1. I never knew that ladybugs are named for Our Lady. THAT IS AWESOME. 🙂

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