Today was my old uni roommate’s Match Day. Basically what Match Day is, is the day that (generally) 4th year medical students find out which residency program they’ve been matched with. To some, this is the bigger day than graduation because it’s your future, your definite future, the next step in your medical career.

This was basically the only part of the graduation ceremonies that I could attend in its entirety…everything else, I’ll get out of my teachers program class just in time to make it for the celebration. I’m an awesome friend, what can I say.

The event kicked off with a sample from the Black Eyed Peas’ “Let’s Get It Started In Here” (one of the few popular songs that I actually did know) and the Ball High School Drumline doing their thing. It was really cute to watch the boys, especialy the two front boys, who obviously have watched Drumline and some stepshows before.

One of the funniest moments was after Titi picked up her envelope detailing where she is headed, a swarm, and I mean swarm of people surrounded her, wanting photos, wanting details, etc. She says that she doesn’t know anyone, but every time we turn around someone wants to say hi to her and catch up with her. And that was evidence by the fact that her own personal presscore shut down one of the aisles in the auditorium.

Apparently one of the guys from the Bachelor (some ridiculous reality TV show where one guy picks out of a large number of girls to marry one on national TV), his brother is graduating with Titi and several of our friends were excited about that fact, to the point that one stopped to talk to them and another took a picture of the back of their heads from across the room.

But back to the star of the day, Titi, who got one of her top choices, Cincinnati Children’s  Hospital! So looks like I’ll be visiting Cincy at least once during the next three years. Part of her reasoning was that Cincy has a great program, that offers her the chance to grow and the chance to experience life and work outside of Texas. It’s not like I can fault her logic on that one, since I’ve basically been out of the country for most of the last 8 years.

I’m really excited for her and I’m glad that she got matched with a program that she wanted. Congrats again!


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