I headed down to Galveston today to celebrate my roommate from uni, Titi, as part one of the Titi Md, PhD Graduation Extravaganza kicked off.

I wondered around the Strand, which some parts were still under going rehab from Hurricane Ike. In a couple of places there were water line markers from the Ike floodwaters. In a weird way Ike was an excuse to renovate and beautify the Strand.

After wondering around for a bit, I met up with my roommate and we went to her ceremony. We had dinner and weirdly, somewhat awkwardly we ate while everyone spoke and handed out plaques and pins.

Afterwards we headed over the someone’s apartmet complex’s clubhouse for an informal party. Someone brought their xbox and rock star game…I only recognized the songs from the 70s, 80s and the 90s. O_o I feel so out of it.

One of the greatest scenes was watching Bunmi do Jackson 5’s ABC extremely off-key. As well as the guys stumble through Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”. And now I understand why Mattel was upset about the “Barbie Girl” song *wow* those were some lyrics.

Moments like and friends like this without question are irreplaceable.


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