After I spent most of the day in bed reading, I met with my friend Iza in the afternoon and for once I was the driver instead of being the drivee. And it was kinda nice not to hear the “Driving Miss Daisy” comment about my driving (I like speed limits and speeding tickets are expensive and time consuming). It was an off-and-on rain, some times sprinkling, sometimes pouring kind of afternoon and I didn’t want to take a chance with speeding and wet pavement and a leased car.

We went to go get boba, the drink with tapioca pearls at the bottom of the the drink. We went to one place, but it was closed, so then the boba search took us to the Drink Station, which happily was open and had a really, really comfortable couch to laze and loaf on. One thing that is enjoyable about eating in America is the wide variety of choices, there’s nothing like it in the world the different options for practically everyone’s personal preferences. I ended up with the Chai boba, just was delicious as I remembered. ^^

While I was waiting for my drink this guy comes in to place an order, he looks at me and then the conversation went like this:

him: “Are you Vietnemse?”

me: “No, I’m Korean.”

him: nods. “It’s good to be Korean, huh?”

me: “I like it.”

Fun times. Fun times.

I love this seemingly newfound ability to talk to friends in “real-time,” Facebook is nice but it’s so impersonal, I’m much more a face-to-face person. I like being able to see people and see directly what reactions are, etc. This is one of the reasons why I’m so happy that I listened and followed back to the States.


3 responses to ““Rain”

  1. Wow, Iza made time for you?! Without Kyle?! I don’t think I’ve seen her w/o him for awhile… Nice!

    I haven’t had boba in awhile, either. The Drink Station’s ok. According to Sean, they let the local Pearland bands play there. I don’t know where, since it’s tiny, but Sean’s got a show there one of the weekends I’m going to be in Cali. I suspect it’s all high school kids, though. I’m so loyal to Tapioca Express on Buffalo Speedway, everything else tastes different.

  2. i love boba!!!!! hmmm…now i want to go find some. haven’t had any since my trip to taiwan last summer!

  3. Coex Mall, the window right before you enter Coex, not the department store, you can buy boba. It’s a bit pricey for the size (5,000won ish depending on the flavor for basically a coffee shop “tall” aka small size) and depending on who makes it, it can be quite sugary but if you’re really craving boba, you can get it there.

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