“Shut Up And Drive”

As we all know, public transportation is in Texas is when you carpool with your friends. So obviously if you live here, you need to have a car, unless you’re lucky enough to have a friend that goes every place that you need to, but I don’t and that’s too much together time for me.

During the last month or so while I was in Korea, I spent my office hours researching cars and I decided to get a Honda. I was leaning towards a Fit, partly because it is the best rated small car and partly because the base model comes with everything that I wanted: tinted windows, automatic windows, automatic door locks, power steering, ability to link to my iPod, a/c, for a cheaper price.

So the first dealership that I went to Russell Honda and was greatly disappointed. The guy didn’t know what he had on stock, etc. But the two big things that made me made were: (1) he gave me a paper to fill out, saying it was to help him find out what financial offers he could get me, but it was actually an offer sheet to buy the car and (2) the price he gave me was about $1,500 above the price listed on the Internet.

Then it was on to McDavid Honda. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, after the visit to Russell Honda. The guys were nice and, yes I’m aware they wanted to sell me a car above anything else, but they were looking at all different options. One of the guys said that the better option for me would be to lease a car, with my lack of auto credit history for the last eight years since I was out of the country, so that I could have low payments and be able to build my auto credit history.

After some searching, and coming up with basically zilch, actually it was zilch, because in a bad economy no one really wants to give a large amount of money to a person that’s almost 30 years old and the auto credit history of a 16 year old.

So I went to the dealership the following Saturday at 2pm ish and left at 7:30 ish. The delay was that I was turned down twice because of my lack of auto credit history. But the finance guy was so sure that on Monday he could get his boss to call the bank and use a favor, as the regional manager and that McDavid sends a bunch of business to that particular bank, to get me approved. So I put the money down and took the car home. Then for the rest of the weekend and for the most part of the week, I was stressed and frustrated about the situation. And I also grew a bit attached to the car. On Tuesday, the finance guy called me and said that I had been approved but I need to get a letter for the school district that I had been hired at to prove that I had a job and could afford the monthly payments.

After slot of run-around and annoyingness (the school district had never done that before so they weren’t too sure if they could make one, the one person that could make the paper was out of the office for the rest of the week and Spring Break week as well, etc.) finally received my proof of employment letter and filled out the last few papers.

So now for the next three years, I have a 2010 Honda Civic Coupe LX to drive! ^^

One response to ““Shut Up And Drive”

  1. Oooh. It’s so pretty! It looks like the one I wanted to get! Very cool. Congrats!

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