“A Point Between Extremes”

One thing that amazes me about today’s teenage culture is the misconception of love as well as sanity. I really do feel like an old fuddy duddy, I’m quite prudish, I have no shame or embarassment about that fact, in my book there are things that should be done in private and within the boundaries of marriage.

I am by no means a fan of the Twilight series, not only is it badly written, it sends a completely warped message to young people, particularly young girls, about love, relationships, marriage, and sex. A guy who breaks into your house to watch you sleep is not romantic, nor sweet, it’s creepy, weird, and a very dangerous sign. A guy who constantly talks about your friends in a negative tone, wants you to give up your friends for him and his friends, and frequently is verbally abusive is not a good choice for a friend, much good boyfriend material.

I was watching Criminal Minds last night (my favorite show that creeps me out…I pretty much never eat while watching the show and yet I keep watching it) and one of the commercial spots was for a Twilight: New Moon DVD release party. The placement made me laugh mostly because the CM episode was about a guy who has a psychotic break and then begins to kidnap female hitchhikers to find a new wife and mother for his daughter so that social services will let him keep her. He also breaks into the foster mothers house to tell his daughter extremely disturbing bedtime stories about the women that he killed, but making them into “queens” as a way of sanitizing the story for his daughter.

Not really meaning to be stupid, but I think that every young girl who has read the Twilight books should have to watch Criminal Minds, especially the episodes about psychopatic guys trying to find their “perfect match.” And then maybe the girls will see that the leading men in the Twilight series are not the most romantic guys in the world and that they should be looking for someone better and saner.


2 responses to ““A Point Between Extremes”

  1. While I do agree that if the whole Twilight story were to happen to anyone in real life, it would be CREEPY, I do want to say one thing: anyone I know who likes the Twilight books understands they’re just escapism, myself included. I resisted for a long time, but Jnette requested we rent it, and for some completely inexplicable reason, I could not stop watching. It was horribly written, horribly acted, & completely ridiculous, but maybe they laced it w/ crack bc I could not stop myself from reading all four books. Laura thinks it’s because of what was going on in my family at the time, & I needed some kind of escape. Point being is that as long as you take it for what it is, then it’s fine. Also, I think the same points (insanity, obsessiveness, etc) can be made about many books/movies that are considered romantic: The Notebook, Romeo & Juliet, etc. Ryan Gosling’s character became completely obsessed w/ Rachel McAdam’s character, wrote her every day for a year, became a drunk, built her dream house & refused to sell it, even though he thought he’d lost her. Romeo & Juliet, well, that’s classic. One of my favorites, Jeux d’Enfants (aka Love Me If You Dare in English), is completely unhealthy: these two little kids grow up best friends because they’re outsiders, and they make up this game that’s just for the two of them, but the game ends up tearing their adult lives apart, and they basically commit double suicide at the end. (I’m a sucker for eye candy: the movie is just visually stunning, kind of like a twisted Amelie/Alice in Wonderland.) But if I were to pick a favorite “romantic” movie, I suppose it would be When Harry Met Sally, because it’s the most realistic story I’ve ever seen in a movie. It’s not perfect, of course.
    Criminal Minds is one of Jnette’s favorite shows, even though it makes her nauseated every time. I just like the cute, skinny lab guy, haha.
    There was an episode of Private Practice or something, though, recently, in which a preteen boy believed himself to be a centuries-old vampire & went around biting girls @ his school, subsequently giving them Hepatitis or something. That was definitely crazy.
    I think the important part is to provide a balance. My younger cousins are totally into the whole Twilight universe, but their parents make sure they’re pretty well-balanced: they play guitar, sing, are active at church stuff, etc. And they totally know Twilight’s some kind of guilty pleasure.

  2. Last night we attended the fundraiser dinner for Houston Coalition For Life (they are the organization that coordinates 40 Days For Life in Houston). The keynote speaker was Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, president of Human Life International. He is an exorcist who spoke on the spiritual dimension of the pro-life movement (you can read more on my blog). He mentioned that he has had several cases of diabolical infestation/obsession/possession because of the Twilight series. In his own words, “It is a portal.” He could have referred to it as a bad influence or a poor example, but no – I shuddered when I heard the terminology he used – a portal.

    There’s nothing wrong with guilty pleasures (in moderation), but I would warn everyone to stay away from Twilight.

    But don’t take my word for it. You can hear it from the priest himself. Just google “Fr. Thomas Euteneuer.”

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