“Giving It Away”

I’ve been back in the States for a week now and it’s overwhelming in some senses and underwhelming in others. Add a bad economy as well as trying to get my stuff in order to be able to be employable this coming fall, and you have stress.

In some ways it seems like every time I turn around I have to pay for this or that, and I’m not talking about one or two dollars, but fifty dollars or more. For example, as of right now, for my teaching certification, I have paid: $75 for application fees, $900 for the course, $150 for overseas mailing costs, $10 for transcripts, $150 for books…I still have to pay for the certification tests and for the internship fees. To apply for the local Catholic school district, I have paid about $5 for mailing costs, $10 for transcripts, $220 for an evaluation to say that my CELTA isn’t applicable in the States. And there are other things that I could break down and whine about but I’m not.

Mostly because I do feel that I’m just giving every hard earned dollar that I have, as well as some of my sanity, I’m so happy to be in the States and dealing with this. I won’t lie and say that I don’t wish that could be able to travel this summer to someplace farther away that New Orleans, San Antonio, etc. but I’ll take it. So here’s to positive thoughts about everything working out well and for a bit less stressful of a life…that would be great.

One response to ““Giving It Away”

  1. This too shall pass, friend.

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