“Wake Up”

It’s quite a thing for me to get readjusted…having to drive myself where I need to be; remembering what car is my car; avoiding the processed, seemingly chemical-based food; not getting lost in the ever-changing city of Pearland; etc.

Not to sound ridiculous, but I remember, when I first moved to Pearland and up until I graduated from high school, I honestly could say that I somehow know someone related to every family in Pearland. Now, I’m lucky if I know the people on my street. Where my house is used to be considered the “boonies,” now it’s the old part of town. I used to complain that I had to go to either one of the nearby malls if I wanted a book, now there’s a Half-Price Books and a Barnes and Nobles in town. I don’t really remember having too much traffic to wad through to get from one end of town to the other, now I’m re-learning country roads so that I can avoid 518/Broadway.

So this morning I had an “interview” with the Associate Principal at Dawson High School, when I say “interview” I mean that I had such a great recommendation from one of my old teachers, who’s now more of a mentor to me, that they kinda stopped looking for anyone else to take the long-term sub position. It was more of a come in and see the school, meet the department head, and get some dates down. But before that I had no clue exactly where that school was so I typed it into google maps and got directions, I followed the directions, but there was a gas station instead of a high school, so I had to call and get directions to the right place.

I saw my friend’s younger brother in the hallways, which lead to an amusing conversation of why was I at the high school, then it halfway through the conversation dawned on him that I moved back to the States on a permanent basis, which explained why I was buying a car. Because let’s be honest, public transportation in Texas is riding with a friend from one place to another. He made a comment that he had heard from his sister that we had hung out and he didn’t think too much of it, because that’s what I do, I come to the States, hang out, and then leave for another country.

On my way to my car, my body was a bit on auto-pilot, so I ended up walking to pretty much the exact model of my old car without any real thought in my head. And then my mind seemed to wake up and remember that I had a completely different car now, a lot fancier too. I’m such a goober. 🙂


One response to ““Wake Up”

  1. Yay, you saw Sean! 🙂

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