“Ordinary World”

My friend Zharleen is one of my really good friends, so of course part of the reason that makes me happy about being back in Houston is that I can hang out with Zharleen, which basically means, food, rock shows, movies, neverending fun conversation.

We started out the day at Coco’s (a wonderful crepes place in Midtown) with crepes and blackberry tea for me and chai for Zhar. I had the La Gallotte, which was a wheat crepe filled with vegetables and topped with a tomato pesto.

savory crepe and blackberry tea at Coco's

Then it was off to go see Alice In Wonderland at Edwards, so that we could watch the movie in 3D. At the end of the row there was a group of three older ladies. Not that the movie needed any help, but the little comments that I hard from them randomly throughout the movie, were great. Between the movie and the ladies, there was pretty much a constant smile on my face. The movie was great, I don’t know why there were so many negative reviews around the nation, but I have to put it down to another Tim Burton classic. It was a nice way to spend a couple of hours, escaping to a crazy world created by Burton/Depp.

Sadly for Zhar and me, after the movie, we had our own little wonderland moment…we couldn’t find her car. It seriously was like we fell into a rabbit hole and wandered around the parking garage for about 15-20 minutes before we found it. After we found the car, we headed to Half-Price Books and I just enjoyed being able to read the vast majority of books in a bookstore. I also found a book on the history of Russian music on the culture. Shocker right…

Then on to Holy Rosary for daily Mass and then we wondered around League City/Kemah trying to find the restaurant/place that our friend Laura’s fiance/our friend Mike was playing with his band. And I had the terrible southern meal of: mozzerella sticks and fried mushrooms. So bad, but so good.


One response to ““Ordinary World”

  1. Goodness, I had a discussion w/ Laura about Mike’s gigs (amongst other things), & I basically said that the reason I don’t show up to most of his gigs is because while they’re good as a band, the clientele they attract disgusts me. Blech.

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