“Foreign Language”

So today I went to Mass at St. Helen’s Catholic Church, I’ve never really liked it at St. Helen’s, it’s always been a bit too fake, a little too insincere, etc. And now with the “new” (new for me, old for everyone else) church, it doesn’t really feel like a Catholic Church, it feels more like a Protestant church.

And coming back from Korea, where I mainly went to Mass celebrated by Irish priests, it was a definite culture-shock, and not just for the fact that there really weren’t any Korean people and that everyone kneeled instead of standing. It seemed a bit long compared to the Masses that I’ve been to in other places around the world. And the laymen Eucharistic mininsters, was a bit odd for me, as was all the touching, hand-shaking, etc. Add to that the very Protestant sounding homily and other things that was a bit too much for me.

And sadly, it was a bit too much that next Sunday, I’m going to go the Mass at St. Andrew Kim’s, where it will be more “normal” for me.


One response to ““Foreign Language”

  1. Sadness. Though I can understand that you don’t have the same “this is home” feeling toward St. Helen as I do. My feeling is just that: it’s not perfect, it definitely has flaws, but it’s home to me, & I still enjoy going there. I don’t hold hands during the Our Father, and sometimes the homilies do seem a bit watered down, but I like that I know it, that it’s where I received sacraments. It makes me happy to see Christene as part of the music liturgy and Sean as an altar server. To each her own, I guess.

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