“Well Adjusted”

I naively assumed a bit that I would have time to readjust to being back in the States…I was wrong. Right before I left Korea, I received an e-mail from one of my old-teachers about an openning for a long-term substitute position at one of the local high schools. Which, since I need to finish paying for school, buy a car, pay my monthly bills, be prepared if I fail the tests or can’t get a full-time job in the fall, although I was never a science superstar, regardless what the TASP test said, I’m really not going to turn do. A job is a job and it pays!

After I woke up on Monday, my sister, Theresa, and I went to Gringo’s, so that I could have some of their wonderful enchiladas, I had their Three Amigos Plus Pepe plate, a cheese enchilada, a beef enchilada, and two different types of chicken enchiladas, along with rice and black beans. Yummy!!

Then I bought a phone and continued to unpack my massive amounts of stuff. I look at my bank account and see half of my paycheck, so I don’t think that I buy too much. Then when it’s time to pack, I realize that I have bought a huge amount of stuff. So I getting rid of things that I don’t need or really like and re-arranging things that I care about. Eventually I have five bags of books that I want to sell back at Half-Price Books and get the rest of my stuff put away. Oh the joys…

One response to ““Well Adjusted”

  1. omg, but i LOVE when i have stuff to sell back to half price! because then i turn around and buy more stuff, hahaha. the gift that keeps on giving! that store is like crack to me, though, so i can’t go in there too often. if i see a cd by a favorite band of mine, i’ll buy it, even if i already own it — so i can give it to someone who doesn’t have it. kind of like what ppl feel when they go to a pound — i have to find it a good home!

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