“Black Box”

The flight from Korea to Seattle/Tacoma was a bit eventful: we were delayed over an hour because a passanger on my flight was on a late flight from another country. The customer service women at the Korean Air desk laughed at me when I worried about the delay, would there be enough time to get through customs and immigration, would there enough time to eat… Which didn’t make me happy, as you could probably expect.

Unfortunately for me, there were about four children, and when I say children I mean under the age of three, on my flight in the same part of my plane. One of the children was about two and spending really the first time with his new mom and he really wasn’t happy to be on a plane for ten hours (unfortunately for him he had another flight after he and his mom landed in the States).

I made a new friend with one of my seatmates, I was sitting by the window and she was sitting in the aisle seat. The man between us was a Chinese doctor going to a conference, who was an armrest hog, a kicker in his sleep, an elbower as well, he always wanted to leave for the bathroom during meals, etc.

Happily I made it through immigration and customs the fastest that I have ever done in my life, it seriously took me longer to get my luggage to put through customs than it did to stand in line for immigration and customs. Can I just say, ‘I heart SeaTac’? It was one if the least crazy, easiest to naviagate places and the food area is great! I had a turkey and provolone on whole wheat sandwich and a root beer. And if that wasn’t enough excitement, there was a Borders bookstore too! Yes, I bought two books and enjoyed the environment, soaked it in being inside a bookstore, a bookstore that I can read 90% of all the books and magazines with a high level of accuracy.

One of the thing that I was so happy to be in America was that at one part of SeaTac there was an esculator up, and esculator down, and a set of stairs the same size as the esculator. Of course the up esculator up was broken so me and my increasingly heavy bags (not from buying things but from carrying them all around the world) trudged up the stairs. These two guys who you could tell are the types to take the stairs whenever they can, stopped the minute they saw me and my bags and took the esculator instead. That would never happen in Korea the ajimas would have just pushed me down the stairs so that they could get where they wanted to.

All throughout the flight from Seattle to Houston there updates about the US-Canada hockey game which unfortunately we lost. There was a three year-old who screamed at me because he thought that I was trying to steal his stroller (I was only trying to help his mother while she struggled with locking her carry-on because there wasn’t any more room for rolling luggage), the he holllared at the airline worker for taking his stroller.

After some confusion over where I needed to be picked up the Internet said one thing and reality was another. After a frantic call to Zhar to call a mutual friend to call Theresa to tell her where I was…my ride showed up.

Theresa said I have to mention that this was done on my iPhone. I’m so happy to be in the States.


One response to ““Black Box”

  1. hahahaha, when i saw your mom @ cce this week, she was like, “i don’t know why she didn’t call me!”

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